To begin training agility, go to the standard spellbook and click on Skills, then select Gnome Agility Course.Directions on how to complete follows:
Spellbook Skills

Skills Teleport

Gnome Agility Arena

(Note: You must stand infront of the obstacle to attempt it)

Obstacle Expericence

Log Balance


Obstacle Net 1,100
Tree Branch 1,200
Balancing Rope 1,300
Tree Branch 1,400
Obstacle Net 1,500
Obstacle Pipe 1,700
Bonus Exp for completing 5,000
Total Exp for completing whole course 15,000

Keep repeating the course until level 40, which will take about 3 runs.

Level 40-99Edit

At level 40, you should head over to the Barbarian Agility Course. You can get there by selecting the Skills teleport, but this time choosing Barbarian Course. (Note: You must stand infront of the obstacle to attempt it)
Barbarian Course

The following map will guide you on how to complete the course:

Barbarian Agility Outpost

Map of how to complete Barbarian Agility Course

Obstacle Experience
Ropeswing 2,500
Log Balance 2,900
Obstacle Net 2,800
Balancing Ledge 2,500
Ladder 2,500
Crumbling Wall 1,2,3 7,500 (total of all 3)
Bonus Exp for completing 10,000
Total 30,700

Runs for level 99: 423

After the balance ledge every time you go down the ladder it is 2500 exp. you can keep going up and down the ladder for easy exp but without the bonus.

You can choose to keep running this until 99 aglility or you can head over to the Wilderness Aglity Course at level 60 aglility

Level 60-99Edit

At Level 60 Agility you can head over to the Wilderness Agilty Course. Although it is less, it is in the Wilderness so you CAN BE KILLED. Don't bring anything your not willing to lose! To get there

1.Go to Wilderness Teleports in your normal spellbook

2.balls face island.
Spellbook Wilderness

3.Run until you see the (Agility training), Open the door

4. Do the course ( Click on the third picture for directions to the agility course, enlarge pictures by clicking on them.)

Directions for completing the course:

Wilderness Agility Course

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Getting to WAC

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Obstacle Experience
Obstacle Pipe 2,500
Rope Swing 2,600
Stepping Stones 2,700
Balance Log 2,800
Climbing Rocks 2,900
Bonus Exp for completing course 12,000
Total 25,500

Now you got that sexy, beast Agility Cape that barely anyone has!
Agility Cape

Looks beast doesn't it?