The Avatar of Rang can be a decent way to make money, it is not exactly Ideal as it is very dangerous to fight, for several reasons:

Arzinian Avatar of Ranging

1. All 3 avatars are in the same area and they can all kill you in 2-3 hits if not using protection prayers.

2. They are in level 40 wilderness so PKers like to hangout in this area

3. It is a multicombat area, so if your not paying attention, another avatar can come over and kill you while you are fighting this one.

To get to the Avatar of Range, simply teleport to them using the Games Necklace(8) and make your way past the other 2.

You can also run to them. They are located in Red Dragon Isle of the reqular runescape, south of the fence. Teleport to choas elemental, run south and follow the fence west until you hit a gate. Go through the gate and head south until you find another gate, bordered by lava. Go through that gate to find them.


Item Amount Dropped Price
30px-Coins detail Coins x2,000,000 1
Morrigan's-coif-inv Morrigan's Coif x1 5m-10m
Morrigan's-leather-body-inv Morrigan's Leather Body x1 10m-15m
Morrigan's-leather-chaps-inv Morrigan's Leather Chaps x1 5m-10m
Morrigan's javelins Morrigan's Javelins x 1m ea.
Morrigan's-throwing-axe-inv Morrigan's Throwing Axe x 1m ea.
Uncut dragonstone Uncut Dragonstone x3 24k
Rune crossbow Rune C'bow x3 x
Dragon longsword Dragon Longsword x1 70k
Dragon spear Dragon Spear x1 x
Dragon battleaxe Dragon Battleaxe x1 x
Dragon bolts (e) 5 Dragon Bolts(e) x30

15k ea.

Not quite finished...