Combat Level 111

Blue Dragons are in Taverly Dungeon and can be reached, etiher by running past the Lesser Demons or by using the Agility shortcut right by the entrance ladder (requires 80 Agility). They are often killed for Dragon Bones and can be killed by any side of the combat triangle; however it's easiest for Ranged users as there are many safe spots in this area. there are also blue dragons at lunar island.


Picture Always Drops Amount Dropped Price

Dragon bones

Dragon Bones x1 200k-300k ea.
Blue dragonhide Blue D'hide x1 Junk

Items sometimes drops:

Item Amount Dropped Price
30px-Coins detail Coins Variable 1
Rune spear Rune Spear x1 x
Rune dagger Rune Dagger x1 5k
File:Steel platelegs.png Steel platelegs x1 Junk
Water Rune Water Rune x100 x
Chaos Rune Chaos Rune x20 1k ea.
Nature Rune Nature Rune x20 x
Death Rune Death Rune x25 3.5k ea.
Blood Rune Blood Rune x80 500 ea.
Uncut sapphire Uncut Sapphire x1 Junk
Uncut emerald Uncut Emerald x1 Junk
Uncut diamond Uncut Diamond x1 Junk


File:Phoenix feather.png Phoenix feather x1 used for herblore

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