Bronze dragons are a type of metal dragon found in the Brimhaven Dungeon. While they are the weakest of the metallic dragons, they are still powerful monsters. An anti-dragon/dragonfire shield are essential when fighting them as they can reduce the maximum hit of their dragonfire.


Picture Always Drops Amount Dropped Price
Dragon Bones x1 300k- 400k
x x1 x

Items sometimes drops:

Item Amount Dropped Price
Coins x15,000 Cannot Be Sold
x x1 x
Dragon plateskirt

Dragon Skirt

x1 5m-10m
Rune bar Runite Ore x2 Junk
Rlong-sprite Rune 2H x1 100k
Water Rune Water Rune x100 100gp
Death Rune Death Rune x100 3.5k ea.
Blood Rune Blood Rune x100 500 gp
Dragonstone Dragonstone x1 Junk

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