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A Chaotic Maul

chaotic maul is a powerful melee weapon, and a Dungeoneering reward. The maul requires both 80 Dungeoneering and 80 Attack to purchase and wield, respectively. Although mauls in Daemonheim have a Strength requirement that corresponds to their tiers, the Chaotic maul requires an Attack level instead of a Strength level to equip. Two million Dungeoneering experience is required to attain the 200,000 Token are needed to purchase this item, which will bring you to at least level 80 Dungeoneering, assuming no other tokens are spent.

The Chaotic maul currently has the highest Damage bonus for any weapon usable throughout Soulsplit.

Warning: As with all chaotic items, players will not receive a warning message when attempting to drop their chaotic maul.

Uses and benefits Edit

The Chaotic maul is very effective at killing high levelled bosses due to its large crush bonus and its high hits, however, more often than not, the chaotic maul is used for pvp. The chaotic maul is a highly useful in PvP due to its potency of inflicting a large amount of damage in one hit, making it a great KO weapon. However, because the Chaotic maul is able to inflict large amounts of damage to other players in PVP situations, the Vengeance spell is often deadly to maul users. However, there is one game tick between the character animation of swinging the maul and experience for the hit appearing on the experience tracker (when the damage is actually inflicted), allowing for a chance to eat before taking damage from an opponent's Vengeance spell, making it more effective against Vengeance than any other weapon. But when the user is casting vengeance that has a decent amount of damage and with a high hit they could potentially one hit the enemy.