Dagannoth Supreme is the Daggonoth King that uses a Range-based attack. His attacks can hit up to 400's and will kill you in seconds if you do not use Protect from Range/ Deflect Range. The preferrable form of combat for fighting him is melee.


Picture Always Drops Amount Dropped Price Rarity
Dagannoth bones Dagannoth Bones 1x 500k-800k Always
Dagannoth hide Dagannoth Hide 1x Junk Always

Items Sometimes Dropped:

Item Amount Dropped Price
Archers ring Archer's Ring x1 10m-15m
Dragon hatchet Dragon Hatchet x1 500k-2m
Spined helmet Spined Helm x1 Junk
Spined body Spined Body x1 Junk
Spined chaps Spined Chaps x1 Junk

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How to Get to Dagonnoth Supreme


Find This "Operating" a Games Necklace

Operate or "Rub" a Games necklace (8) and select the Dungeon Teleport 2 and then click on Waterbirth Dungeon. When you Arrive at the dungeon continue throught the path to the south and then climb down the ladder after you have potted up and are ready (to be sure put on ranged prayer if at off-peak times as they are AGRESSIVE.
Teleport method

Select Waterbirth Dungeon and then continue through the path to a ladder

Equipment Your goal when fighting the Dagannoth Supreme is to have the highest Str and Accuracy bouns possible so that you are also 100% going to get the kill, as there WILL be at least 1-4 other people all fighting the Supreme at one time (during Peak Hours).

Supreme - Max GEar

On The right is some of the best possible gear this will provide you with the most accuracy and also you allow you to hit the most. You can use Dragon claws or a Dragon Dagger as your Special Weapon

Supreme - Void

This Gear is the "Welfare" gear for the Dagannoth Supreme. However with the void knight melee helm will give you a bonus 10% damage, this however can give you the bouns damage to equal the Max gear above, but only with luck. Pick Dragon claws or a Dragon Dagger as your Special Weapon