Fishing is one of the many skills introduced in SoulSplit [rsps] . It can be started in Catherby by buying at small net at Bob's, located east of the bank, and fishing shrimps at the moving fishing spot. Catherby is the best place for fishing due to near banking and it's close distance to the spots.

It is one of the more useful skills as it provides health restoration when the fish are cooked and eaten. Many melee players look to use it in order to provide the best healing.

Shrimps (Sir mode) Fish 22 to Reach Level 50
Tuna (Sir mode) Fish 4 to Reach Level 60
Lobster (Sir mode) Fish 15 to Reach Level 70
Shark (Sir mode) Fish 36 to Reach Level 99

All of the above sea creatures can be fished in Catherby.

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