Combat Level 79

Green Dragons are found north of Neitiznot and in high level Wilderness.These are often sought after for their bones. Green dragons are the easiest dragons to kill on Soulsplit.

If you don't want to risk your items from rushers, then go to Lunar isle and travel south. Follow the river downstream and you find some slayer monsters. Run past them and you will find the green dragons. This way is much more easier then wilderness.

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Picture Always Drops Amount Dropped Rarity Price
Dragon bones Dragon Bones x1 Always 400k-500k
Green dragonhide Green D'hide x1 Always Junk

Items usually dropped:

Item Amount Dropped Rarity Price
30px-Coins detail Coins 30-10k Common 1gp ea
Lefthalf Shield Left Half x1 Rare 500k
Rune dagger Rune Dagger x1 Uncommon Junk
Rune spear Rune Spear x1 Uncommon Junk
Rune-med-helm-inv Rune Med Helm x1 Uncommon Junk
Rune arrows Rune Arrow x50 Uncommon 300.
Ancient staff Ancient Staff x1 Uncommon 1m
Water Rune Water Rune x100 Common 10 gp ea
Chaos Rune Chaos Rune x20 Uncommon 900gp ea
Death Rune Death Rune x25 Uncommon 3.5k ea.
Blood Rune Blood Rune x20 Uncommon 500 ea.
Law Rune Law Rune x20 Common 300gp ea
Nature Rune Nature Rune x20 Common 700gp ea
Uncut emerald Uncut Emerald x1 Uncommon Junk

Green dragons can hit you (10x)

with dfs (130) max

anti-dragon (210) max

Magic prayer (normal prayers) 240 max

deflect prayer (curses) 190 max

without fire stoper up to 390

edited by : malhajer & Enuri