Loosing these items can be extremely annoying and can casue you a lot of bother! But dont worry its not the end of the world! These items are easily obtainable and there will be no issues by following this guide in regaining your prozed possesions!

Sir Owens InfoEdit

'Sir Owen’s Longsword is a melee weapon exclusive to accounts playing on Extreme Mode, it has the fastest attack speed of any weapon of any kind (range, mage, and melee) (not incuding darts or throwing knives) It is a great starting weapon and is also used by many players with maxed stats. You first receive the weapon when you log in and pick the "Extreme" game mode.'

Where can you use it?

This weapon is mostly a training weapon and can not be used in PvP thus the only areas you can utilise its amazing attack speed would be bossing or training, basically everything non PvP, it has low stats compared to other weapons (Chaotic Rapier or Abby Whip) but the attack speed makes up for this.

How to r
ecover them!

Teleport to Lumbridge.

(City Teleports>More>Lumbridge.

Run to the grave yard (Behind the church) and click on the Legends Guild Master, he will automatically give you your Legends cape.

If you would like to recover Sir Owens you will need 40M cash in your inventory. If you do not have you recive a chat box message stating the need for 40M.