killerwat a level 55 electrice monster that requires a slayer level of 37 to kill is location is on slayer dungen med level.

Must kill 152 to capture with Bolt pouch hafter Completing Mastering Enchancement.

Note: You need insulated boots to kill this monster. They can be bought for 200gp from Vannak, the slayer master.


location: Slayer dungeon, medium level.


Impious ashes 100% 1/1

200gp (Common)1/10

2 Steam runes (RARE)1/100

45 Fire runes1/10 

17 Air runes1/10

2 death runes (rare) 1/100

Grimy harralander (Common)1/10

Grimy tarromin (Common)1/10

Grimy Guam (Common)1/10

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