Lost City Quest.

What you need to complete quest :31 crafting,50 woodcutting, any type of axe (hatchet) , knife, some food to kill boss and if you have 43 pray you might want to pray melee (praying melee she will inflict no damage).

Quest start location: Lumbridge swamp.

Start area

Quest start location.

First talk to warrior then look for a tree, on the West of the camp click option chop and talk to guy named Anus.

Now you need teleport to Entrana , you can get there by teleporting , at any spellbook ,City Teleports -> Entrana. 

Getting to boss

Run East through the church, then head West to the Dungeon symbol. Climb down the ladder and run untill tree, cut it and a Level 101 tree spirit will appear. Once you've defeated the Tree Spirit, cut the tree again to get a Dramen branch , use knife on branch and you will get dramen staff.

Now go back to lumbridge swamp wield your Dramen staff, and enter the anus of the small hut in the swamp west.
End of quest

Quest Done.

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