Some users say that if you're a Sir, it is harder to make money but easier to level. This isn't completely true, it is easier to make money seeing how you can level faster. A few methods are in here.

Best Method: Frost Dragons

Stats: Level 120 Combat (99 Strength, Defense, Attack, etc.)

        Level 96 summoning (For pack yak.)

Armour to get : Prossy , Neit Helm, Brackish blade/chaotic rapier,Anti-Dragon Fire Shield,Ring of Life.

Inventory :

2 Super Sets ( 6 inventory Spaces used )

1 Food ( 11 inventory spaces used )

12 Super Restores ( 23 inventory spaces used )

3 Spirit Wolf pouches

Using the coffin in Edgeville teleport to Ice Platue and go North. Now, kill frost dragons, Pick up the bones and Penusl spikes. Use The Frost Dragon bones on your spirit wolf to bank.

A Frost Dragon bone usually sells for up to 500K gp.

Estimated Profit: 200mil-1.9b P/H


Method 2 - Frost dragon Player killing

94+ mage and some decent gear and your ready.

Switch To ancients and simply barrage people WITHOUT spirit wolfs. This will result in them having bones on them. But mostly everyone has a pack yak. On world 4 they are skulled so you will get their drops. Claws Is high in power. When they pray anything but melee Claw them.

QUICK TIP : If u are getting pked while on frosts, Pray melee, eat and bank ur armour every 10 seconds Using pak yak.