Quest items are items that are either used in a quest or are givin/Found during the completetion or start of a quest in SoulSplit Webclient


Quest items are generally items used, made, or obtained only during quests. These include: Template:Clear

  • Items that are used only in the quest, but not anywhere else
  • Rewards from quests
  • Unofficial rewards
  • Items that may be kept after the quest is complete, but only have a use during the quest
  • Items that may be kept and used after the quest is complete

Quest items do not include:

  • Common items, even though they are required for quests, which can be obtained and used without starting or completing any quests, like Buckets and Crushed gems
  • Items not used during quests
  • Food, like Lobster
  • Items that are unlocked by quests, but must be purchased, like Dragon longswords and Rune platebodies, or can only be obtained after the quest, but are not a direct reward for the quest