this is a very simple guide to runecrafting as there are none out there for some reason anyway 

simple guide to runecraftingEdit

step 1

get rune ess or pure ess tele to edgville

step 2 

run across the river that is the the north east after you get across the river then run stait north torwards the mining spot 

step 3 

talk to the zammy mage that is wandering neer the top or end of the river  click the teleport option

step 4 run around the wierd looking cave until you find the go through  passage then well squeez through it 

step 5 run until you find  what rune you want then click rift after that hapy rcing repeat repeat till 99 :)

xp rates(per invintory) on pvp world suggested for all skilling Edit

runes sir lord legends extreme
air 21060xp
water 25200xp
nature 38100xp
law 39900xp

these are all in order of what you should do to level up but after the fourth its all up too you :)

good luck to you ~prime masterEdit