Summoning is one of the easiest skills in Soulsplit, because you only need charms. You can get started by going to Neitiznot South and opening the big gate and find the obelisk. You can train summoning by using charms on this obelisk.

Be warned: MANY charms are needed. Like, thousands!

The best way to get charms is:

-Go to the Slayer Tower, then kill crawling hands (they are easy to kill) and you will get charms in no time.

To get combat levels when your summoning level increases, you will have to summon a familiar. You can buy familiars from the summoning master near the obelisk.-Pets don't require a summoning level, and you can get them from the folowing NPCs :

- (Varrock) Guards: bulldog
- (Wildy West or Lunar Isle) Green dragon: baby green dragon
- (Taverly Dungeon) Black dragon drops baby black dragon
- (Taverly) Blue dragon drops baby blue dragon
-(Edgeville) Man drops any cat
-(Taverly -after the Blues) Chaos dwarf drops sheepdog
-(Near entrance of Taverly) Chaos druid drops Labrador
-(Again, Taverly) Hill giant drops dalmation
-(Training TPs) Rock crab drops penguin
-(Argdoune) Hero drops terrier
-(Taverly) Black demon drops greyhound
-(Slayer tower floor 2 or 3, Training TPs) Bloodveld drops gecko
-(Slayer tower 3) Aquanties drop monkey