Yaks are NPC's which are really good to train on for beginners.

Location : LumbridgeEdit

1. There are yaks at lumbridge.

1a.You can teleport there by going on the normal spellbook and going to training teleports. The "T" shown here:

Yaks 2
Yaks 3

Location : Neitznot SouthEdit

1. The second locations of yaks is at Neitznot South. Click on the "W" to go to Skills Teleports. Look below for more information.

Yaks 4
Yaks 5
Yaks 6

Head west after teleport.

Yaks 7
Yaks 8

 ==Set-up for Melee (Example - Not the best set-up)==

Yaks 9

1X Gold Charm - Always

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